Lower Body Weight Workout

“The major muscles that you will be targeting are your glutes, quads, calves, hip flexers, and hamstrings.”

Today I am showing you a few of my favorite leg exercises using your body weight. With these combined you will definitely feel the effect afterward. The major muscles that you will be targeting are your glutes, quads, calves, hip flexers, and hamstrings.

Repeating the same structure as our previous body weight workouts. Do an exercise for 30 seconds, break for 30 seconds, through all five exercises. Then rest after for 2 minutes. Do that circuit 3-5 times. Enjoy!

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Sit back into a chair position with your knees directly above your toes. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Calf Raises:
Find a step with a wall next to it. Use the wall for support. Put the ball of your foot and your toes on the edge of the step. Lower your heels down, then raise your heels for 4 counts up to the highest point and you are on the ball of your foot and toes. Stay in that position for 4 counts, and lower for 4 counts. Repeat for 30 seconds.

The video explains stationary lunges. With stationary have one foot in front lunging for 15 seconds. Then alternate the front foot, and lunge for 15 seconds. You can also choose to travel while you lunge. Start these by stepping your right foot forward, do a lunge, then step your left foot forward, do a lunge and repeat for 30 seconds.

Leg Lifts:
Stand directly beside a wall for balance and support. Raise your right leg rotating from your hips, as high as you can. Do the right leg for 15 seconds, then the left leg for 15 seconds. This exercise will burn your glutes of your standing leg, while working your hip flexers and quads of the lifting leg.

Sprint as fast as you can! You can run back and forth for 30 seconds, or one long distance for 30 seconds. Sprinting can give you a really great workout, but be cautious with your limits. If you find sprinting difficult at your level,
then jog or speed walk.

Remember– 30 seconds each exercise, 30 seconds break in-between, then 2 minutes rest after you’ve done all 5. I’m excited for you to try this workout. You can find the upper body and full body workouts here.

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Clarissa Mace

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