Tiny Home, Big Dreams

“What comforts or conveniences can I sacrifice to help me build the life I really want?”

If you newly introduced to the Maces, it’s time I tell you that we live in a Tiny Home. Our Tiny Home is unique from others. It is built inside of a box truck. It looks like a moving truck with an RV window.

When we made our decision to renovate the truck– a motivating factor was the idea of being rent free. We spent all our time at school and didn’t feel like paying upwards of $1000 for a couple bedrooms. We would be gone all day and only spend time on the weekends at home. We also knew we were graduating in a year and would likely move again. A year’s rent would be around $12,000. What if we just put that money into building something of our own that we could live in for more than a year? That’s exactly what we did.

Our bright yellow truck has brought us so much joy, but has also given us so much to learn. The first time we brought it to the mechanic was a disaster. When we picked our tiny home up cabinets had spilled open and emptied (despite our cabinet magnets trying to hold them shut), our solar batteries had slid across the room, and our makeshift bed was demolished.

There was also the time that Charles shook me awake because our roof was dripping water right on me in the middle of a rain storm. Speaking of storm, we once laid awake eyes wide open through a hail storm that sounded like World War 3. The wind kept me planning escape routes in case our truck got blown over.

It’s had its challenges, but it definitely has had its perks.

One of the largest benefits of living in the tiny home has been the ability to quit working for others and become entrepreneurs. Prior, Charles was working for a gym, moving equipment from one location to another. It was heaving lifting for 8-9 hours. Sometimes the conditions were dangerous and he’d tell me about him or one of his co-workers dodging death by inches. He would come home exhausted and sleep for 2-3 hours. He’d wake up after and not want to do anything because it was pretty much time for bed. All for what? $18 an hour? Financial security? Maybe, but where is the life fulfillment in a lifestyle like that?

My purpose of writing this post isn’t to convince you to move into a tiny home or to start a business. My purpose is to invite you to ask yourself, “Am I finding joy and fulfillment in my lifestyle?” Set aside your reasons regarding the present circumstances and ask yourself, “What comforts or conveniences can I sacrifice to help me build the life I really want?” It’s easy to stay where you are at, but joy and progress is found in movement. Join the movement.

Best regards,

Clarissa Mace

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