3 Best Fitness Goals to Accelerate Results

“These goals will help you focus on creating good health instead of self-degradation dependent on how much you weigh.”

How many times have you had a weight goal? I want to be ____ pounds. I want to lose ___ amount of weight.

It feels natural to choose these goals. They are on most magazines, tv shows, etc.. I don’t know a time in my life I didn’t hear somebody in my direct circle explaining they wish they could lose weight. I’ve said it before, you may have too. It’s all around us.

When Charles became my fitness trainer he asked me what my goals were. I said I wanted to lose 30 pounds. He taught me that having a weight goal wasn’t the best to try and achieve. 1 pound of fat = 1 pound of muscle. Although muscle is leaner than fat and takes up less space, it’s not a good indication of health. He also recognized that I would be transferring a lot of my fat to muscle, and wouldn’t see the number on the scale I was wanting quickly.

Weighing a certain number on the scale isn’t a good indication of progress. It can mean different things for different body types. I could have tons of muscle and strength, exercise every day, eat well, and weigh the exact same as someone who isn’t taking care of their health.

Some of the best goals to have are body fat percentage, consistency, and feats of athleticism.

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    Body Fat Percentage

    Measuring body fat percentage is a better indication of your fat to muscle ratio and overall health.

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    Consistency Goals

    Being able to go to the gym 3 times a week for 6 months, or something similar. Consistency is the root of results.

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    Feats Of Athleticism

    Do a pull up, run a mile without stopping, 12 rep every exercise, etc.

These goals will help you focus on creating good health instead of self-degradation dependent on how much you weigh.

If you are struggling with your weight goal, you’re not alone. You can make the transition to changing your goal to a body fat percentage, a consistency goal, or a feat of athleticism. Think of something that would be fulfilling to you and find a way to accomplish it. Email me (clarissa@macemountain.com) your current goals, and I will help you reform them, and reach them.

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Clarissa Mace

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