Upper Body Weight Workout

“Try this workout before next Saturday. We’ll be hosting a Lower Body Weight Workout open to everyone.”

Our previous Saturday workout consisted of a few of our favorite upper body weight exercises. This workout helps you gain strength in your shoulders, chest, back, core, and triceps. Each exercise takes little space and time. You can accomplish these anywhere!

Just like last week’s full body weight workout between each exercise of 30 seconds, you take a 30 second break. Then you repeat the circuit of 5 exercises 3-5 times. Between each circuit break for 2 minutes. Take the time to learn correct form from the videos and then try it out and have fun!

Shoulder Revolvers:
This is a simple exercise to keep your shoulders warm and happy throughout the workout. Rotate small circles forward for 15 seconds, then rotate backwards for 15 seconds.

Push Ups:
Push up form is important to receive good results and take care of your shoulders. This video can give you some great pointers.

Bear Crawls:
Bear crawls are fun! Here are several variations, you can choose which one feels the best to you. They are great for you shoulders, back, core, and bicep.

Windshield Wipers:
Protect your spine by laying on a rug, mat, carpet, or grass. Windshield Wipers are great for your lower abs, and lower back.

Tricep Dip Plank:
Protect your wrists by placing your hands directly below your shoulders. As you dip, your elbows go straight back, not outward.

Remember– 30 seconds each exercise, 30 seconds break in-between, then 2 minutes rest after you’ve done all 5. I’m here for any questions you have. Try this workout before next Saturday. We’ll behosting a Lower Body Weight Workout open to everyone.

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Clarissa Mace

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