Diets Don’t Work

“Health is a lifestyle, a mode of living. What you choose to ingest is integral to that lifestyle. What you eat becomes a part of you.”

Have you ever tried a diet? How many of those diets worked for you? I’m sure you have spent time wondering if you should, would it make a difference, and so on. If you’re still wondering, the answer is no.

I’m often asked what diet I’m on. I don’t diet. “Going on a diet” is a temporary fix to a problem that won’t get solved that way. Studies have shown that starving your body of carbs, sugars, meat, etc., can cause your body to actually gain weight. It sends stronger signals to your brain of hunger, fatigue, and to store fat in anticipation of further lack of food.

Even if you were to successfully diet and shed a few pounds– the repercussions after having “completed” your diet are harmful. Have you ever watched the Biggest Loser? the contestants do awesome, they release sometimes hundreds of pounds, but after they are finished with the show, they gain all of the weight back. They didn’t continue the diet the trainer had them on, their bodies craved what they had before, and sadly, all their results disappeared.

What’s the answer then? If diets don’t work– what is the best way to see results?

The answer is incremental adjustments to what you already eat and how you view that food. Health is a lifestyle, a mode of living. What you choose to ingest is integral to that lifestyle. What you eat becomes a part of you.

When I started my health journey/transformation. I committed to not eating foods that I didn’t want to be a part of me. I began buying coconut oil instead of butters and creams. I branched out my vegetable list. I bought less candy and desserts. I knew what I wanted to become and I was drawn to healthy foods and away from unhealthy ones.

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One major concern I had about changing the way I ate was the idea that I would never get to eat anything that I loved. You may have that feeling right now. “Please don’t make me give up Dr. Pepper!” Believe me, I get it. I decided to define my lifestyle to include some of the good stuff. You aren’t trapped, you can fluctuate and change. It’s not a diet, it’s a choice. I was so afraid that I would never get to eat anything with sugar again, but that wasn’t the case. Now when I choose to eat sugar, it’s a conscious choice. I’m not habitually buying candy and treats; instead, I occasionally treat myself. Because I’m not starving myself of it, I crave it less, and I don’t hate life.

Be intuitive to your body’s needs. When you are intuitive, you know what foods are best. Your body sends cues of what nutrients it’s deficient in and will send up an order. “Some cooked veggies sounds good,” “How about an apple with some peanut butter?” The more you listen intuitively, the easier it will be hear the cues and act on them.

It can be tricky to decide what’s cues vs. cravings. We all crave all sorts of things. I can generally tell that if I’m craving something filled with sugar, dairy, processed ingredients, etc. That it is a craving. Last fall, I felt a strong desire for chicken (we were vegetarian at the time). I thought, well it’s just a craving, no need to start eating chicken. For a month I increased my protein intake thinking that’s what was causing the “craving”. I began to realize, “I don’t think this is a craving, I think my body is telling me something.”I tested it, and after a few meals with chicken included, I stopped hearing that cue from my body. It upgraded me to a new level of health. I had more energy and felt full for longer.

I know that everyone is different, so you have to intuitively discover what foods are best for you. Learn how to detect what’s a craving and what’s an intuitive need. You’ll feel more energy, more fit, and happier in no time.

I love the feeling of eating clean, and eating what my body desires. My favorite food quote is, “I eat to live, I do not live to eat.” There is merit in this phrase. I’m here to live my life, not spend my whole life eating. I chose to fill my body with food that helps me fulfill my purpose. A diet won’t do that, only a lifestyle will. To the first five people who will email me (, I will do a FREE 30 minute mentoring about nutrition, fitness goals, or cognitive wellness.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,

Clarissa Mace

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