3 Tips to Travel on a Budget

“Here are the tips we use to travel for around $100.”

Almost everyone has experienced living with limited funds. Charles and I have been practicing the art of doing things we love with a small budget our whole marriage. Not only were we students for nearly the first two years of our marriage, but we are also full time entrepreneurs. We’ve learned some things you can use to have fun while saving money.

This past week we went to Moab for our anniversary. We traded in the tiny home for a Ford Explorer so we could show you how anyone can travel on a budget. Here are the tips we use to travel for around $100.

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    Drive instead of Fly:

    Usually if the drive is 10hrs or less, the money you spend in gas is less than the money you spend for a flight. It is usually quicker or the same amount of travel time. From SLC to Las Vegas is a 50 min. flight, but add getting to the airport early, security, checking luggage, getting a taxi, etc., it usually ends up taking about 4-5 hours (the same as if you drove). Transportation on vacation can be pricey. Take your car instead and save big. The savings pass on to the next two points.

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    Sleep in your Car:

    I understand that this isn’t always an option if you have a large party with or without children, if your car is smaller, etc., but you can receive similar benefits by camping or staying with friends. Sleeping in our 2-door Ford Explorer has given us some great memories. We set up a twin size 2 inch memory foam in the back and put anything we are storing in the front seats. There are a lot of safe places to sleep in nature. Sleeping in the city takes a bit more preparation (cardboard or sheets to block out city lights, etc.) and it’s important to know the right places to park, but it still can be done safely. Avoiding pricey hotels can save you buko bucks on your vacations.

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    Pack your own Food:

    Eating out every meal can rocket your food expenses 10-20x! By bringing a cooler or even investing in a small 12v fridge, you will save hundreds. We generally bring a cooler with leftovers, turkey for sandwiches, bagels, broccoli, you name it. Even if you were to grocery shop your meals every day you’d save enough money to duplicate your trip the following weekend.

The next time you feel like you aren’t able to travel because of money, just remember these three tips. Charles and I love the memories of our budget adventures. I would travel this way forever if I needed to. The experience is always worth it.

Have fun, and travel safe!
Best regards,

Clarissa Mace

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