My Transformation

“I was in a place I thought I could never escape. I felt depressed, and lost. Health and physical fitness saved and changed my life.”

Today is a special day. Today I am going to be vulnerable and share my before pictures for the very first time.

When I was in high school I was athletic and active. During a practice, I dislocated my knee. It was gruesome, excruciating, and disabling. I couldn’t dance or play sports; even walking was difficult. It took two surgeries to repair the damage.

My second knee surgery was right after high school graduation. Recovery was painful and difficult. I became extremely sedentary and gained over 30 lbs. I weighed more than ever, but it’s not even about that– I felt horrible about myself. I went to PT for 6 months before giving up.

Fast forward a year to when my university built a brand new gym free for students. What excuse did I have? With an uncommitted spirit, I began to ride a spin bike. My weight came down about 10 pounds, but little had changed. I wasn’t getting healthier and I still couldn’t have an active lifestyle.

December of 2014, Charles and I began dating. He LOVED fitness and health. One discussion led to another, and I asked him to become my personal trainer. WOW, that was intimidating. Hello vulnerability. Going to the gym sucked. I did not like it. Not to mention everything hurt my knee– sometimes to the point of tears. We realized I needed to take two steps back and rehab my knee. We accomplished that with some machines and an entire summer of body weight exercises (come Saturday! We are teaching those basics!).

By fall 2015 (almost a whole year of rehab and fundamentals) I felt like my knee was strong enough to take things to the next level. I began weight lifting. I began to feel stronger and mobility was returning to my knee. After one year of having Charles train me, I only released 6 pounds. I felt discouraged that it wasn’t more. Charles taught me that the number wasn’t important. I was building muscle memory, converting fat to muscle, and training my mind to accept the new regiment.

In the beginning of 2016, I decided to run a spartan race. What was I thinking? I did not realize that running was going to hurt so bad. I felt like I was starting all over again. I hated running even more than I had hated gym-going. But, just like weight lifting, I got better at it and began to enjoy it.

I went on to run not one, but TWO spartan races that summer. The Spartan Sprint was 5.4 miles with 20+ obstacles, and then the Spartan Super was 7.6 miles with 20+ obstacles. After the races I had released 5 more pounds, but began plateauing. I explored what I wanted to do next and decided that I wanted to have a lower body fat percentage. I had never tried it before, but nothing seemed impossible at this point.

My body fat percentage at the time was roughly 21%. I wanted to reach 18%

I reached my goal in 6 weeks!

Way faster than I was expecting! I was ecstatic about the results. It felt amazing. I released 15 total pounds, built lean muscle, and still ate full meals. After 4 years of pain, rehab, and struggle, I could finally say I was in the best shape of my life.

From December 2016- until June 2017 I lowered the intensity of my regiment but continued seeing results. I’m currently 16% body fat, leaner than I’ve ever been, and stronger than I’ve ever been. I feel like crying with joy and gratitude.

I was in a place I thought I could never escape. I felt depressed, and lost. Health and physical fitness saved and changed my life.

I feel vibrant.
I feel confident.
I feel like myself.

If I was able to do it, I know you can. All it takes is commitment and a little help. You don’t even need a gym. I invite you to elevate your physical fitness. It will improve your overall health, your well-being, and your happiness. Join us every Saturday. I’d love to see you and answer any questions you have. At the least, send me a message.

Best regards,

Clarissa Mace

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