Introducing The Maces

“With love and acceptance, but a little discomfort,
will you create health, wealth, and happiness?”

I am Clarissa Mace and this is my Husband Charles.

I am 22 and I just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science; Psychology. I have a passion for learning about why people do the things they do, and how they can improve their quality of life. Charles is 27, and also graduated with a bachelor’s degree, but in Entrepreneurship. He has ventured on some start-ups already, and has consulted a dozen or so businesses. He has a great passion for habit formation, and how they determine results in life.

You probably noticed the large title– Mace Mountain. This is our newest and most exciting project yet! The familiar faces reading this blog probably remember Four Core Principles, our tiny home blog, and our other various passions. Mace Mountain will include all of these things and more. We will include health & wellness, the tiny home life, relationships, etc.


One other venture worth noting, Charles Mace himself. His various skills and expertise seemed like it needed its own workspace, so his new site will be all things Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Mentoring, Presenting, etc. He has many skills to offer ranging from vetting business ideas, marketing, launching a business, and some other stuff, you’ll have to ask him. He is also a reputable teacher and mentor. If you are looking for a Presenter, Mentor, or someone to consult with on your inventions or business ideas– head over to CharlesMace.com (still under contruction).

We teach .

Charles and I believe we have discovered valuable tools and information that can lead to incredible things in life. We aren’t talking about get rich quick schemes, a cure-all tool, or how to lose 50 pounds in a week. We are talking about freedom. We are talking about feelings of peace, uplifting attitudes, the happiness we have obtained from freeing ourselves from negative beliefs, and how to creatively live life the way we want. We believe in a better way of living. We call it freedom– Freedom from financial stress (yes, you can have financial freedom without living in a  tiny home), freedom from limiting beliefs, freedom from overwhelming stress, and ultimately freedom to create a life of health, wealth, and happiness.

We have a burning desire and passion to discuss overall wellness with you. With love and acceptance, but a little discomfort, will you create health, wealth, and happiness with us?

If your answer includes just a little curiosity, or a resounding “YES!” Join us Monday through Friday subscribe below for new and uplifting content every day. Charles and I would love to hear from you. While you read our posts, ask yourself questions, make notes, make comments, be proactive.

With eager anticipation & best regards,

Clarissa Mace

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  1. I would love to learn more tool to break negative thoughts.
    I’m always looking for financial

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